I Don’t Wear A Watch Anymore


I just noticed that it has been a few weeks since I have worn my watch and I am OK with that.

Let me stop you Millennials right there from rolling your eyes and explain this a little more. I have worn a watch everyday for 20+ years. I would look at this watch 30 times a days to keep reaffirming the date instead of memorizing it. All day long I ‘checked my watch’ to make sure I was ‘on time’. And yet, here I sit not even missing my old friend.

Change is a strange thing to notice as it is happening.

robotsI come from a strong love/hate affair with technology. If I had these modern video games when I was a kid, I would still be living in my mother’s basement. I have at times fallen down the tech Rabbit Hole, but my inherent laziness stops me from staying on board that ship for very long. I mostly felt like the grumpy old dude driving around yelling at people who were on their phones.

I literally had a flip phone until September of last year.

I had piled up hundreds of minutes on my ‘Pay As You Go’ phone b/c I was averaging 9 minutes used/month. I figured the only real use for a fancy phone was if you happened to stumble upon Bigfoot and nobody would believe you unless you snapped a picture.

ludditeMy wife was even worse.

She was a card carrying Luddite, she only had an Ipod because she loved her music so much. We felt the world passing us by and did not care that much. But a funny thing happened at work one day. I got a phone stipend b/c I needed to be available after hours. I  got my first smartphone and my wife found Candy Crush. We got dragged kicking and screaming into the modern era.

Now I blog, I Facebook, I Tweet, I have a Pinterest board (but I still don’t really get that one).

If you care about making money you have to speak the languages money uses. I still hate seeing everybody looking at their phone all the time, but I have begrudgingly embraced the inevitability of our changing world. I am amazed at my children’s innate ability to understand and master technology. It comes naturally to them because it is an integrated part of their world from day one.

I worry about their video game exposure the way my parents worried about my TV exposure.

In many ways it was that parallel between parental concerns and a child’s draw to technology that changed my perspective. I did not feel that TV rotted my brain, or that Heavy Metal made me worship the Devil. If anything I felt like TV was my friend who showed me a way bigger world then I would have found just wandering around my neighborhood. Maybe we live in exciting times and curmudgeons get left behind?

The rush of technological advance is both awesome and frightening.

1930’s Those kids and their ‘childhood’, working in the mines would do them good! 1940’s Just laying there in front of the radio all day, lazy I tell ya! 1980’s Kids are being raised by the Boob Tube, we’re all screwed! 1990’s They’re going to turn into video games robots if they aren’t careful! 2010’s It’s like they can’t be bothered to look up from their phones, I tell you this is the end! 2020’s Look at ’em just blarting* away on their blopkins*, we’re all screwed I tell ya!

It is a Brave New World and I guess I am saying I don’t mind dipping my toes into the pool.

bookI probably will not allow myself to get a BrainPal when somebody gets around to inventing them. (Old Man’s War is a great Sci-fi book, instant classic!) But I will pay attention enough to not become obsolete and secretly count my blessings that I will be gone before things get too weird. Now if I could only find a way to appreciate the terrible music that is coming out these days. Well, maybe one personal evolution at a time.

*(Note) blarting – v – and blopkins – n – are hereby trademarked by OthalaFehu Industries.

16 thoughts on “I Don’t Wear A Watch Anymore

  1. How do I get in front of the blarting craze and make millions? In all seriousness we’re not far off from you. Our first smart phones were two years ago when we realized the plan was cheaper then our flip phone plan. Ironically I have a computer science degree but it still took the blog to drag me into social media. I’m convinced it comes down to time and what your peers are doing. I had no reason to go on Twitter before my blog because none of my friends use it.

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  2. I have a smart phone and I hate it. If it wasn’t for spotify then I wouldn’t even have it. I didn’t start a netflix account until a year and a half ago and didn’t even have my own computer until 2010. I’m slow on the technology thing, clearly, but I don’t really feel bad about it at all. The old school is my favorite school.

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  3. Ha! I went the other way — from not wearing a watch to getting an Apple Watch 2.

    I know, not frugal. But that’s what living a rich retirement is about — getting some things you want.

    Plus I was going to drop $350 on a fitness watch anyway, so why not get a watch that did all those things PLUS works well with my phone?

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    • There is a definite stripe of us in the FIRE world that spend big save big. I don’t hate work so much that I am willing to live off so little, I save a lot to not work too much and still afford things I want.


  4. I’m an engineer and by no means a luddite, but I’ve gone the reverse course with the cell phone… I got a smart phone before any of my friends or family members because I started a business several years ago and wanted to be available and mobile. It was funny, because at the time, a colleague said that she would never get a ‘crack-berry’…. haha… now, they all have the latest iPhone. Once I left the corporate world, I gave back my smart phone, and used a flip phone that was supposed to be temporary until I moved and got settled. Four years later, and I still have a flip phone! I just really don’t want to be connected all the time, and since I am on my computer so much, I want to be present when I am away from the screen.

    I once read from a CEO from a tech startup who also gave up his smart phone for the same reason… to be more present.

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  5. Technology is a funny beast to different generations! I remember jumping into Facebook almost 2-3 years later than everyone else and wondering what all the commotion was about.

    I’ve always been more into tech trends, especially when I worked for a cell phone company, that was when it was at it’s worse because I had to stay updated to sell!

    I think as we get older we just don’t have the time to fiddle around like we used to so we fall behind on the trends. We get set in our ways and stop learning so much because time isn’t what it is when we are younger and have the time to just sit around and figure useless things out like how to play certain video games or how to build things from scratch! I still remember building my first newsletter in HTML by hand and updating each link individually!

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    • I learned HTML by clipping big sections of ‘view source’ and trying to figure out what they did by process of elimination. Which, I think, proves your point, I would never let something suck up that much of my precious time nowadays

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  6. Nice move on trademarking “blarting and blopkins”, you’d best print out this post and mail it to yourself to get a postmark stamp, then keep the envelope sealed in your safe. Gotta get me one of those Blopkins, they’re all the rage!!

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  7. I was sooo late with getting a smartphone 2 years ago (I’m 25 so my friends were all making fun of me for it). I dreaded it. Now, like you, I blog, promote on twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest (you will figure it out – it’s not that hard). I like it, but I do need to be careful about getting addicted. I mostly use it to promote my blog though.

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