I have 2 separate stock dividend portfolios. Why two? I like different things about the two companies I have brokerage accounts with and secretly hope to surpass the SIPC limit of $500k insurance per account.

Together these 2 portfolios are pulling in $6,244/year or $512/month in dividends







I don’t automatically reinvest my dividends. I let them pile up and then choose a specific stock to plow them back into when the hit the $300-500 range.

19 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. Pretty diverse portfolio with quite a few names in common with my own. Looks like you are well on your way to building a nice growing passive income stream. Look forward to following your journey.

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  2. OF,
    Very diverse group of companies you have there! Your about to hit 6 figures on both accounts soon, hopefully I can make it to the 6 figure club sooner than later. Hope you had time to check out my new post and I will stop by and read your posts when they are available.

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  3. Ciao Ohalafeu!
    Nice portfolio you’ve got running there, it’s very “vast”, but most of the names on it are very famous and we ca co-investors in several companies. Love teh SK ADR, if I was an american citizen I would buy more ADRs, but as I would get taxed three times on dividends I prefer to skip on it… šŸ™‚
    Ciao ciao

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  4. Wow, it looks like you have a solid portfolio. Many of which I have owned (I sold them to buy my rental property), but I’ll continue to buy them as more money coming back into my taxable account as my rental property is starting to produce a profit.

    Best of luck to you. Continue sharing!

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  5. You’re building up a nice solid dividend portfolio. One suggestion, maybe create some similarity between your two tables in terms of format, color could be different. I like the one where it lists the name of the company you’re invested in. I don’t know all the companies solely by their stock tickers.

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  6. Hey Othalafehu,

    Thank you for stopping by in my blog,

    You have pretty large and diversified portfolio with high quality stocks (as well realestate assets). Most of your holdings are in my watch list, I will start accumulating them once Canadian dollar gain some value over USD.

    Best Regards,

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  7. Very diverse portfolio! I have a few of those holdings in mine, or on my watchlist. I accumulate dividends in my accounts and select which stock to buy as well. Looking forward to seeing how the portfolio grows over time.

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  8. I’m impressed by your diverse portfolio. And I know it’s not as easy to do this, as one may think. I also like your honest writing style and your interesting journey. I know everyone clicks for the net worth and the portfolio choices, but in the end it’s the interesting story behind. At least for me. Thank you and please continue to blog!

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