Two Different Abouts

If you wish to read the Old Fluffy ‘About’, please continue. If you wish to read the New Gritty Kafkaesque ‘About’ click here.

I have been loosely tracking my Net Worth for 10 years and following it in earnest for about 5 years. I thought it might be time to step up and start a blog being as how I enjoy other peoples Net Worth Blogs so much.

I do not intend to give up my identity in this blog because I do intend to be quite frank with ‘my numbers’. But I guess it is not to much to mention that we live in the Midwest and as far as my age, I will give you a clue, this lady was my first real crush;


My wife and I are both lawyers. Government lawyers though, not the big money corporate or private practice types.  I have two sons in school but not yet teenagers.

My money philosophy is not some new idea. I live below my means because I remember what it was like to be poor, but at the same time I am not overly frugal. I believe in a balance between enjoying life now and saving for tomorrow.

I respect the bloggers who strive to live off 6 raisins a day while wearing clothes they found in the woods and driving this car;


but it is just not me. Luckily, the wife is on the same page. My goal is to retire early and leave some type of legacy for my children. The retiring early notion is quickly becoming something of an obsession.


If you were just trying to be thorough, here is another link to the more in-depth PG13 ‘About’

8 thoughts on “Two Different Abouts

  1. Wow, looking forward to more investing ideas and stories. My grad school also have a duo degree , but I never followed through with law or MBA. But I’d be interested to learned how you guys got out of the $200k school loan. It sounds like an awesome story in the meanwhile amassing $2M 🙂

    It’s true about living below your mean and save and invest the money can get you to the millionaire route. I can confirm this. 🙂


  2. Very interesting profile, OF. I read your other “About” profile details…and oh man – that is quite a story. You have come a long way from the humble beginnings. Keep on truckin’ along…I will follow your journey.

    Best wishes

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