Why Do You Have A Panic Room?

panic room

From the Movie; Panic Room

Why doesn’t everyone have a panic room? Seriously?

If I am playing Devil’s advocate there are 2 big reasons NOT to have a panic room. Reason #1, there is no need for a panic room. Reason #2, it either costs too much or takes too much effort to create a panic room. I will address these one at a time and try to not to get too indignant.

zombie-handReason #1, there is no reason to have a panic room.

You are correct in that I certainly hope I never need a panic room, but therein lies the rub. If you need one and do not already have one, you are screwed. Personally, I have a panic room because of an irrational childhood fear of zombies(before it was cool).

I will not attempt to argue this contingency because I know it is futile. I have lost this argument to every person and in every fashion, ever time it has ever come up. I am able to see the absurdity in my position except that one day it will happen and you will all be sorry.

Moving on, there are plenty of legitimate scenarios where a panic room would come in handy.

First off we have non Man made problems, like natural disasters. I live in an area where tornadoes are not unheard of. It is comforting to know that me and my family have a place to go in our own home where we know we would be safe.

More disturbing are the scenarios which involve other people behaving badly.

A panic room works well against home invasions, Red Dawn style incursions, and the terrifying albeit rare occurrence of werewolf attacks(sorry slipped into irrational again). We should not live our lives in constant fear of intruders, but bad things do happen. Once the panic room is up and running it is one more thing you can check off the list and hopefully never have to utilize.

I know, I know, what are the chances of anything really ever happening?

Sure this likelihood is low, but you pay insurance premiums every year don’t you? The low occurrence factor is just that, one factor to be considered, it is not the conclusion.

Let’s go to reason #2 not to have a panic room, the one where it is too expensive or too hard to create. Now we get to do a cost benefit analysis.

Take my setup for instance. I have a poured foundation in my basement.

One of the corner utility rooms has more than 75% cement walls. I had to buy a better door (steel covered solid wood)but that costs under $150. I had to beef up the remaining walls. They were framed out, I simply added 2 x 1 inch plywood bought and cut at a Big Box store for under $50. Throw in a peep hole, a deadbolt, and few braces for a 2 x 4 door jam and I am all set.

If you are somewhat handy and feel like the project is worth while, the work does not really feel like work. I spent less than $250 bucks and a day’s labor. Now you could spend an extra $5,000 worth of embellishments but that is not necessary for a basic Safe Room.

Now you get to exercise that Classic Economic Balancing Test; GUNS VS. BUTTER.

Lastly, in order to bring the PF faithfuls back into the fold, I will give you a Panic Room purpose that will appeal to all types. You now have a Security Deposit Box of your very own. Especially if you add a Safe ($150-$500).

You can now store some valuables at home instead of ALL at the bank. You can also keep a gun in the house while being reasonably certain no youngsters have access to it.

This space also works out nice for hiding Christmas presents 🙂

We are not done here, my Master Plan involves slowly convincing you all that Prepping is a valid pursuit involving much of the same rationale as the pursuit of financial independence or early retirement. I am prepared to allow my brilliant analysis to dawn upon you post by post until we’re the same you and me. Smiles conspiratorially.


5 thoughts on “Why Do You Have A Panic Room?

  1. HA, we do have a similar set-up in our basement although I never really considered it a panic room before. More like a don’t panic room. Looking forward to more of your brilliance. 🙂

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    • I knew there had to be more crossover out there. 🙂 I am not planning on doing it all at once, but I do plan to pepper this blog with prepper posts. Slow and steady wins the race.


  2. We almost bought a house at one point with a bunker underneath it. Ultimately I’m more worried about my small kids locking themselves in the room then I am needing a panic room. Then again I live rurally in a spot where I’d be more worried about the lack of electricity leading to lack of heat then my fellow man.

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