My Windfall and ME

Finally, we closed on the inherited house. The check is in the bank (but has not cleared yet). After we pay some money owed to the friends who bought the house and to my sister-n-law who co-owned it, we clear $ 132,000.


Now we get to allocate/spend it, this is the FUN PART. If you don’t love squirreling away money into various hidey-holes then I question your values as a human being.

Let start with the biggest chunk. Based off the responses we got from ‘A Good Problem to Have‘, I am paying off my wife’s remaining student loan debt – $ 45,179 to be exact.

Our Net Worth is already up because we drastically undervalued this House in our Real Estate Asset column, so much so that selling it will only take it down $26,000.00 This is based off of 2 factors.

One is that over the last few months whenever we have had a big jump in Net Worth, I have whittled down the $ amount value of all our real estate. Secondly, the appraisal we just got up North at ‘The Cottage‘ supported a considerably higher value than the one currently used.


Next we need to remember to spend some money on things we WANT instead of just paying off Debt and saving for Retirement. This is important and makes life’s little victories that much sweeter.

I get One and my wife gets One. She chose new kitchen counter tops coming in at a painful $ 6,000.00. She has patiently wanted them for almost 12 years now ever since we ‘Built Our House‘.

I get to replace the non working fireplace at the Cottage. Now we will have a functional wood burning model that can heat as an alternative to the boiler and drastically upgrades the Cottage’s ability to become a true ‘Bug Out’ location. Total cost $ 4,500.00

That knocks 2 things off ‘The List‘.

saltingNow for some SALTING. I will increase 2 different cash accounts by $10,000.00 each as a reserve.

NEXT we will boost our Stock Portfolios by doubling down on some already held Dividend favorites. Total Dump $ 16,500.00

If your keeping track at home that leaves $40,000.00. We will do Nothing with this for now.

If the right real estate opportunity comes around we will use it for a down payment.

Or we might pay off My Student Loan, or just sit and wait until I have a better idea.

Or until You have a better idea, feel free to comment…..

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