My Wish List

Do you know what happens to the guy who spends his whole paycheck on state of the art body armor from his neck to his toes so that when the end of the world comes he is ready?

Yeah, that guy gets shot in the head on Day One.

scroogeFIRE is a lifestyle. I love it, dare I say, it’s fun and it serves a very tangible purpose. The end goal of having all the money you would ever need is a noble endeavor. That being said, I make a point to spend some moolah every now and again to keep my inner cheapskate in check. I am a husband and a father of 2 kids. My personal spendthrift choices may not reflect the desires of the rest of my family.

That is why I keep a ‘Wish List’

The Wish List is just that, a running list of things we do not need, but would like to have. In the early days when we were not as financially well off, I would shun spending on anything other than what we needed, but as we progress on the chart of ‘how you doing?’, I think it is important to loosen up the belt and enjoy life while we are here and healthy.

Here is our latest Wish List;



What’s on Your Wish List?

This does not mean we will buy everything on this list, I will likely never get my 20 acres.

It is a Wish List, I put every reasonable idea down on paper and we slowly make them real. I think it serves 3 purposes;

1. It gives us something to look forward to, dreams are good and serve to make life more enjoyable.

2. It lets us keep track of our progress and appreciate just how far we have come.

3. Setting goals is half the reason you ever achieve any goals. It is a self-fulfilling process.

Lastly, I think that after some time has passed, you can look back on your Wish List and read in between the lines to see what is really important to you.

Doing this is what led to my epiphany that I am just as interested in Prepping as I am in FIRE.

2 thoughts on “My Wish List

  1. This is a great idea. Although I don’t write my wish list down I do have a running list in my head that I do keep track off. Whenever I’m doing well with my financial goals I do something for myself once in awhile. I’m planning a catback exhaust for my car which will put me back $700 in the next few months. Nice article!

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