A History of Liabilities

Going Back Almost A Decade



We refinanced our mortgage in June of 2008. I believe in the old adage, if you can get lower by a whole percentage point, do it. I have refinanced at least 3 times since 2000. I also have a separate post on the history of our student loans which started out at over $200 k after our graduations from law school in 1999/ 2000.

An inheritance from my in-laws allowed us to pay down some serious debt in late 2008.


We bought the Cottage in August 2012 and absorbed the added payments by having wifey go back to work full time.


We opened a HELOC to do a business deal with a friend. After 2014, I started to include a running total of Liabilities as part of my Monthly Net Worth calculations and stopped tracking it separately.

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